Teenage Outcasts: SHORT STORIES



Four teenagers from different solar systems embark on separate quests to rid themselves of the dysfunction that wrecks their daily lives. They end up being asked to face a crisis that threatens human life on Earth.

A Life for a Life: 2216 C.E.  – 7,500 word YA Sci-fi short story

Lucius lives on a gas planet where life starts in a petri dish then moves to an incubator. From there it becomes difficult to tell what is human from what is not. But that doesn’t matter to Lucius, who has bonded with his robot and spends most of his time within his mind bubble, in a virtual fantasy hover-boarding in the planet’s atmosphere. It’s not until tragedy strikes his genetic brother that Lucius sees another side to life, and learns the deepest bonds go beyond electrons.

 The Gift: 2201 C.E. – 7,500 word YA Sci-fi short story

Adi, a genetically mutated Goldbar, is rejected by her own kind, who cannot tolerate imperfection and not accepted as a working-class Bluebar. She belongs nowhere. So why should she care what happens to them? They’re nothing more than cogs on a data-collection space station, or so Adi thinks until a meta-monster follows her home from a parallel universe and attacks their ship. That’s when Adi discovers her gift and must decide whether she will use it to protect those who have condemned her…or get revenge.

Humanoid Trackers: 2108 C.E. – 7,500 word YA Sci-fi short story

Ozuma talks to herself and hummingbirds. Everyone says she’s crazy. But Ozuma knows animals are more rational than humans and she would rather live in their world than be cocooned inside some false 22nd-century reality. Ozuma has only one human friend–someone she thought she could trust–until one night she’s tricked into going beyond the protection zone. There, she discovers why the Humanoid Trackers are hunting them. Ozuma knows she’s not insane, but she wonders why she’s the only one who can see the true danger.

Teenage Outcasts: A Futuristic Anthology is a 24,000 word YA set of short stories that introduce the Goddess of Fortune series.

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