The Story of a Teenage Refugee Refusing to Give Up
To be published in 2021
by Derek Leinweber
Visualization of Quantum Particles in a vacuum by Derek Leinweber

Sixteen-year-old Fortuna Noble is a Displaced living in a refugee camp in 2080. Children from her Constantinople encampment are being kidnapped every day. Both the Dominators and Displaced don’t know what to do so they’re ignoring it. But Fortuna isn’t going to wait for them to take action—she could be next.

Confident that the Compu-animates stalking their camp each night are the ones stealing the children, she travels back in time to 359 C.E., where limestone hieroglyphics tell of similar abductions by hollow-eyed beings. There she meets four teenage time travelers hunting the same enemy. But their tools from the future break down, and they’re stranded. Then they meet a boy from the steppes of Mesopotamia who hides them with refugees from the Roman-Persian War. That’s when love leads Fortuna to do the wrong thing.

Displaced is a YA sci-fi thriller about fighting fate when life isn’t fair.