BOOKS – The Reincarnation of Fortuna




Four teenage outcasts, from advanced solar systems, are sent back in time to help sixteen-year-old Fortuna Noble stop a common enemy from changing the evolution of her world and the fate of their lives.

2150 C.E. is an era of terrorism. The last two superpowers on the planet are pitted against each other.  Paranoia and suspicion are the only ways to stay alive.  Hiding behind this struggle is a faceless enemy; watching, stalking, waiting to invade Earth, while life blindly goes on.

Fortuna Noble goes in search of her missing father. Along the way, she befriends four unlikely allies, all with superior powers cloned over time.  Instead of finding her dad, she is confronted with a crisis that could change the process of natural selection for Homo Sapiens.

The hunt for Jason Noble is just a trivial pursuit for the time-traveling youths. Until Fortuna proves to them that something psychotic—something unworldly—is threatening the future of their universe. Together, they travel to 350 C.E. and are taken on an adrenaline expedition, where every step is a battle for survival.

This is the story of a girl whose way of life is stolen forever,  but she decides how that is to change her. By facing her destiny she learns a person is not measured by if they fail but how they pick themselves up. And it doesn’t hurt to take a little help from some friends.