The Story of a Teenage Refugee Who Refuses to Give Up

To be published in 2022


Fortuna Noble, a sixteen-year-old growing up in 2080, is imprisoned in a Constantinople refugee camp by the Dominators. They’ve placed an electromagnetic fence around the settlement and implanted a chip in her head, so they know her every move. But when other Displaced children start disappearing, and the Dominators do nothing about it, Fortuna becomes desperate, especially after her Papá disappears. Always told what she can and can’t do, Fortuna finds herself in a position where she has to act, and she has to do it alone, before they get her.

Reluctantly she hypercharges back in time to 359, where artifacts tell of similar abductions by strange beings that sound like the cyborgs who have invaded her camp. They were stopped back then. Fortuna has to learn how. Yet her tools from the future break down, and she’s stranded in a world that knows nothing about technology. Instead, they’re guided by goddesses and gods. Then she meets up with four other teenage time travelers seeking the same foe. Together, they stumble upon a boy from the plateaus of Mesopotamia who hides them with refugees from the Roman-Persian War. But nothing goes as planned. And then love leads Fortuna to do the wrong thing.

Displaced is a YA sci-fi thriller about fighting fate when life isn’t fair.