BOOKS – The Reincarnation of Fortuna

YA Sci-Fi



As a refugee, Fortuna Noble never expected to be like other sixteen-year-olds in 2085. But she never imagined she’d be one of The Hunted. Unfortunately, the Dominator countries cared only about their own. If she was to live, she had to discover who was stalking her and why. Alone, she set out to find the other-worldly terrorists, keeping a low profile, and learning the hard way where not to go.

Being the daughter of a refugee, displaced by the cataclysmic asteroid crashes of 2036, Fortuna accepted the fact that most Dominators treated her like a robot, invisible but necessary. When hundreds of other Displaced children suddenly went missing, one by one, and the Dominators never noticed, she couldn’t ignore the fact that she too could be one of The Hunted. It wasn’t until her Papa disappeared that she realized everything tied back to a necklace she had gotten while visiting an old ruin in the sunken city of Bathonea.

While searching for The Hunters, she befriended four unlikely allies from her future. Together, the five teens traveled to 350 C.E. where ionizers and synapse optimizers no longer worked in the harsh environment of their ancestors, and every step was a battle for survival.

This is the story of a girl whose way of life was changed by an enemy from another world. Along the way, she discovered a person is not measured by if they fail but how they pick themselves up. And it doesn’t hurt to get by with a little help from friends.