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Its 2150 C.E. an era when the two remaining superpowers on earth are vying for dominance over everything. Paranoia and suspicion are the only way to stay alive. Sixteen-year-old Fortuna Noble is faced with a crisis that threatens to end the world. What can she do to stop a faceless enemy if the terrorism around her controls her life? She must free herself and get help.

Four teenagers from different solar systems embark on separate quests to rid themselves of the dysfunction that wrecks their daily lives.

  • Lucius and Lars live on the gas planet of Tirap in 2616 where hover boarding in a methane atmosphere and programming droids to harvest human zygotes is the only and lonely way of life.
  • Adi’s home is a space station, Procyon, in 2475. Even though she has superpowers that have served the other Proconites, she’s a reject and does not get the recognition from them that she desperately craves.
  • A lost civilization on Earth in 2226 is where Ozuma is taken by her hummingbird companions. There, she finds the poison to ward off Humanoid Trackers who enslave Homo sapiens. But having the vaccine isn’t enough.

Through their personal journeys, they find what’s missing in their lives and take on a cause bigger than themselves.

Fortuna and the Four Outcasts is a 23,400 word YA anthology where four misfits from the future are selected to help Fortuna fight against a common enemy. It introduces the Reincarnation Trilogy.