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May 26 & 27 and July 5 & 6

Amafi Coast lookout
Amafi Coast lookout


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Turkey, Ireland, Russia, Botswana.


The Reincarnation of Fortuna

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Teenage Outcasts

Hello…I’ll Shoot You

The Nike Pilgrim

African Safari

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  1. I just found Behind the Forgotten Lines on Amazon. If only the paperback was in large print! My Dad is a Merrill’s Marauder. I know he would read this book. Dad is 94, and is one of the few Marauders left. He still has it mentally, well, most days. Outside of the Ballantine War books, Life’s series, and Dad’s Galahad book, I have not seen much about the MM. I have, however, see the physical scars and some mental scars in person. My Dad is a wonder, still. He takes no meds, can walk faster than me and still has a hard time sleeping. He still feels guilt. And he ate his mule. The leach scars are prolific, but somehow this man can still make the ladies smile. He was recently interviewed by a local college professor and it was on the PBS station in SC. I think it was to be included in a Library of Congress Memorial for the military of WWII, so we never forget our greatest generation. Without even reading your book, I thank you for taking a little known theater of war and a lesser known outfit of brave men and making it available to those who like military history. I am off to read a bit……Neila

    1. My father Richard Leeper was in Merrill’s Marauders from the start. Would love to have any info, or pictures you might have in regards to him.
      Pfc. Richard G. Leeper ASN:13022361

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