The Story of a Teenage Refugee Fighting Fate when Life Isn’t Fair

To be published in 2022

It’s 2060 and Fortuna Noble, a Displaced sixteen-year-old, fears for her life. Someone’s snatching children from her Constantinople encampment and no one’s trying to stop them. Like other Displaced who lost their homes to global warming, crime, and war, her family was left homeless with two choices: go to a station in space or to a settlement on Earth. They chose Earth. But Displaced kids are disappearing from her camp, even though it’s surrounded by an electromagnetic fence, and they have tracking chips sewn in their heads. Fortuna’s terrified that she’ll be the next victim. And she has no one to talk to about it except the voice in her head—until four teenage time-travelers show up at her school.

The Travelers are seeking revenge against the vile half-human half-computer Compu-animates. Recently those same cyborgs began stalking Fortuna’s camp. Then her Papá went missing, and her Mamá was mysteriously injured. Yet the only information Fortuna has that may help her stop the kidnappings and save herself is inscribed on an artifact from 359 C.E.  

Reluctantly she hypercharges back in time and meets up with the same four Travelers. But their tools from the future break down, then they’re left stranded in a world of camels instead of transporters and mythology, not science. Eventually, they stumble upon a boy from the plains of Mesopotamia who hides them with refugees from the Roman-Persian War. Then love leads Fortuna to do the wrong thing.

Displaced is a YA sci-fi thriller about fighting fate when life isn’t fair.