About Barbara Hawkins

Lesotho, barren for as far as the eye can see.
Lesotho, barren for as far as the eye can see.

Barbara Hawkins has lived a variety of lives: as a botanist–collecting plant specimens from Latin American jungles, engineer–building wetlands, parks, and roads, finally as an author of historical fiction, science fiction, and international travelogues. Adventure travel is a hobby she’s had since before it had a name. If she isn’t at home writing, she’s off traveling.

Have you ever climbed outcrops to view Aborigine pictographs in the outback of Australia?


Did you ever get lost in Venice along a light-less canal after midnight?


Caught a local bus out of Machu Picchu on a switchback road then threw up your lunch?

peru hannah

Had to flee from Muslim ruins overrun by vervet monkeys in Kenya 

muslim ruin hannah

Taken up residence in a flea-bit hut because there were no rooms for rent after an earthquake in Guatemala?

hut barb

 I am always looking for something different to see or do.