WWII Cemeteries: CBI Theater

December 28, 2013


 He gave the greatest gift of all: the gift of his unfinished life.


Having grown up with a ritual of going to the family cemetery on Memorial Day, I’ve never thought of cemeteries in any way other than a spring outing.  So I was surprised when my emotions were high jacked at the Digboi and Jairampur WWII Cemeteries. 

Those of Christian faith face east; muslims-west.
Digboi Cemetery: Those of Christian faith face east; Muslims-west.

In God’s good time we shall meet again. Until then, in silence we remember.  Mam and Dad.


This corner of a foreign field is forever England.


Some day we will understand.


Sleep on, Dear Son, and take thy rest.  The blow was hard, but God knows best.


In loving memory of my dear son, Ken.  You are constantly in the thoughts of Mam & family.


Treasured memories of a loving Son.


We will always remember his smile. Mom and Dad.


At the Jairampur Cemetery, where only Chinese are buried,

jairmpur cemetery

 tombstones were defaced and graves unearthed.  

chinese graves jairampur

That hurt, knowing the contributions the Chinese made towards the construction of the Stilwell Road and their unfortunate inexperienced valor on the front.


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