World’s Largest Book – MANDALAY

The Kuthudaw Pagoda in Mandalay is surrounded by 729 Stupas

729 stone inscription caves mandalay

Within each stupa, marble slabs hold inscriptions that make up the world’s largest book.

Marble Slab with Written History
Marble Slab with Written History of Burma.

Other than the monks that tend the site, the pagoda is an amazingly quiet site with very few tourists.

Kuthudaw Pagoda
Kuthudaw Pagoda

     Even with all its tradition, Mandalay is a city of change, with lotteries juxtaposed next to temples and a large gold market attracting tourists on the lookout for inexpensive jewelry.  But those who plan to buy gold in Mandalay should ask whether the gem inset is real. Many times the gold is real but the gem is not and likewise, real gems are often set in cheap gilded metal. So ask the vendor what’s real.

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